It’s that time again!

The sun is shining and summer really is just around the corner (finally!) which can only mean one thing… festival season is upon us. But amongst the days of limited shower access and an absence


of mirrors all whilst being at the mercy of the elements, what do we do to keep feeling our best? We head to the Make Up Project of course!

That aside, and because we can’t be with you at every festival to get you in the party spirit (although we wish we could) here are our top tips to survive festival season and key things to get packed:

1) Glitter, Glitter and MORE Glitter…

Festival fatigue is a very real thing and glitter is the perfect addition to any makeup look (plus it hides the inevitable bags after a weekend of partying – bonus!). Glitter literally makes everything better and will guarantee you feel sparkly and bright all day long. Our favourite look is winged liner, Eldora lashes – H175 bold lip the brighter the better and placed under the eyes – Link to favourite glitter and where to buy (can we put glitter shots on website??) Glitter is not just for the face, when you’ve not been able to wash your hair what better thing to do than do a glitter parting with braids or space buns!! If that fails make sure you pack yourself a flower crown.




As much as we love it we’ll be the first to admit that it can be a real pain to get off. Waking up to a tent, sleeping bag (and face) full of glitter after stumbling in at 4:00am isn’t going to make you feel fresh and ready to party the day & night away all over again. When showers are not an option, Our top tip for glitter removal is super cheap and easy, just 3 simple steps.


A simple combo of Micellar water or wipes, an eyebrow spooly (brush that face) and the old faithful cellotape (yes it will feel like you’re giving your face a wax) I mean it’s a bit random but trust is it works.

3) Fix Plus Spray

If you know…….. you know and if you don’t we’re about to let you in on a little secret. This product from MAC is an absolute god send. It will fix and freshen up tired looking makeup, literally a much needed drink of water for your skin. We can all admit we don’t get enough of this especially at a festival.

Ladies we insist you head to your nearest MAC store to purchase one now, we promise you won’t regret it.

4) Eldora Lashes a Manchester born company what’s not to love about them. Buy them and try them yourself. We are in love and Eldora’s biggest fans

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